Hi there! My name is Tony, I created this platform for all of you who wants to learn coding, or more specifically, Object-oriented Programming(OOP). In my opinion, Java is a great tool to have you get started with learning OOP. I do not assume you have any prior knowledge of coding, so if you have no programming experience, this is also suitable for you. For people who has previous coding experience but not much Java experience, the first part might be easy, but the latter half can be new to you.

I created these materials and crafted questions and reviews all by myself. You are welcome to use these materials for free but please note the source as you share them.


On the left you will find a list of topics to grasp the fundamental of Java, once you are finished with this lessons, you will build a strong base to understand OOP as a whole. You will find learning other coding languages will be easier after this.

In each topic, there will be a video lesson along with study guide and pdf available to download if you prefer to study offline or print it out. Each section ends with a series of questions to gauge how well you have learned. Every one or two topics, there will be a comprehensive assignment that you can tackle to apply the knowledge you learned.

If you have any questions, suggests or any comment, please feel free to contact me through the Contact Me page, I will respond at my earliest convenience! That's it, hope you find this beneficial and Code On!